Water Ultra Purification Systems


Water Ultra Purification System

Clean, pure, healthy water to every tap – the POWERWIN-SECCUA promise.

clean-waterA human body consists of almost two-thirds water. In order to keep our water balance even, one needs to drink ample amounts of water every day. This amount varies from person to person, and from environment to environment, but it is indisputable that drinking lots of water is the easiest method conducive to good health. Unfortunately this very water that we consume, has become the cause of many life threatening illnesses like Salmonellosis, Shigellosis, E. coli, Cholera, Typhoid, Gastroenteritis, Hepatitis A, Dengue Fever, Meningitis, Giardiasis, Hookworm, Cryptosporidium, Amoebiasis and others – and needs to be intensively purified before human consumption.

Unfortunately having taken clean drinking water for granted over the centuries, human beings are now faced with the spectre of acute shortage of water – that is fast becoming a precious commodity.

Even the best of bottled purified drinking water has pathogens multiplying due to the total process of bottling, passing through various environmental and temperature conditions, till the time of pouring into a glass. Also a large amount plasticisers get absorbed into this water.

The history of water purification is almost as old as the history of water itself. From ancient times, the process has evolved from mere boiling of drinking water, to use of sand as a filter, to modern day methods that include chlorination, to processes like reverse osmosis.

A brief background

seccua-logoThe POWERWIN Group of companies is a technology driven group with an intense sense of social responsibility. The group has invested heavily in R&D, and devised its own unique technology for power saving, that has been recognized as the only “one of its kind” and duly patented. The group has reached out globally seeking out the best of concepts and technologies for tie-ups, assimilation, and even manufacturing collaborations in some cases.

POWERWIN has tied up with SECCUA GmbH of Germany –for the best water purification technology/products in the world. The only one of their kind.


Highlights of the POWERWIN-SECCUA systems :

The most common treatment methods for water purification are:


filtration, sedimentation, distillation, pasteurization and electro-magnetic variation


flocculation, coagulation, chlorination, ozone, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide


slow sand filter, activated sludge

Each process has its pros and cons, and water managers are still in search of the “perfect” water purification solution.


Powerwin-Seccua is a global innovation and technology leader in the field of drinking water in public buildings and private homes. The filtering processes have been subjected to extensive testing by the DVGW& the EPA.


Filtration is a purely physical process. We dispense entirely with the use of chemicals and irradiation and only use natural technology. This preserves the water’s natural balance and does not change it.

Little energy and water consumption

Powerwin-Seccua water filters consume little power. In addition, the flushing operation consumes only a minimal amount of water compared to conventional reverse osmosis technologies. Much of our equipment also flushes automatically and only when really necessary.

The POWERWIN-SECCUA purification systems have been tested to the most rigorous European and North American standards and certified for complete removal of :

  • Viruses (MS2 Phage)
  • Bacteria (B. Subtilis, E-Coli)
  • Parasites (Crypto)
  • Turbidity

• Removes the cause, not the effect
• Minimises waste of water : typically less than 1% of the water is generated as waste in the process of purification, which is non-hazardous, easy to handle and can even be recycled.
• No chemical dozing is used to purify the water. The purified water is completely free of chemicals
• Does not alter the equilibrium of the water.
• Does not alter the DOM structure of the water – as in U/V disinfection methods.
• Offers “mineral water” in its truest sense – by retaining the essential minerals in the water so vital for human consumption and health – and in many cases, only available through mineral water.
• Residue-free disinfection with ultrafiltration(successful sterilization despite water turbidity)
• Complete removal of bacteria
• Environmentally friendly water treatment technology (Extensively tested by EPA and DVGW)

• Removal of pathogens and particles
• Residue-free removal of pathogens
• Removal of colour and chloramines
• Removal of pesticides and residuals of drugs
• Optimized control technology
• Integrated alarm system
• More effective and more efficient
• Works regardless of water turbidity
• Are fully automatic – do not need an operator, or constant maintenance. Even the cleaning of the filters and the system is automated by way of an automated back flush.
• Negligible maintenance costs :POWERWIN-SECCUA products are guaranteed for maintenance free operation for up to five years.
• Extremely low to NIL power consumption, compact size, and a total operating life of 40 years.

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