Seccua + Powerwin Overview


seccua-logoThe POWERWIN Group of companies is a technology driven group with an intense sense of social responsibility. The group has invested heavily in R&D, and devised its own unique technology for power saving, that has been recognized as the only “one of its kind” and duly patented. The group has reached out globally seeking out the best of concepts and technologies for tie-ups, assimilation, and even manufacturing collaborations in some cases.

POWERWIN has tied up with SECCUA GmbH of Germany – for the best water purification technology/products in the world. The only one of their kind.

SECCUA are headquartered in Steingaden, Germany where they develop and manufacture standardized equipment using the latest in technology to remove pathogens, suspended solids, pharmaceutical residues, and lime from water. None of their technologies involves the use of chemicals nor the use of high-energy radiation. But at the core of all their products are their innovative ultrafiltration systems using membranes with pore sizes that are less than 20 millionths of a millimetre wide.

water-purificationAccording to common Drinking and Mineral Water Regulations, water is currently only being tested for pathogens by spreading a sample on a culture medium. This method is already over a hundred years old. Today it is known that only one hundredth to one thousandth of the germs present in water can be detected on such a culture medium. 99% of all germs are not detected by conventional testing methods. Modern technology, which has already proved its worth in medicine, shows that both pipeline and mineral water carry up to 200,000 active cells per each millilitre. Such a concentration leads to strong biofilm formation in pipeline networks, thus providing refuge for pathogens.