Advance Power Saver

Advance Power Saver

TPPS range of Energy Savers


This is a unique product design that stands far apart from conventional energy saving methods and devices, and has been recognised as such by the Government of India by way of patent number 273064. This patent has been awarded for the unique design of this product and the innovative inhouse technology that goes into the concept and operation of this product.This product range under the brand name Powerwin™is fully equipped with an embedded software chip, which results greater accuracy in monitoring and controlling Load Voltage, Load Current, Reactive Power, Active Power and Power Factor. Powerwin™also offers accurate protection from conditions like high/low voltages, and overcurrent and short circuits – thus resulting in longer operating life of the equipment, apart from its primary function of reducing energy consumption in direct Kwh terms.

The System

We have recently launched a GSM based operating system for remote sensing, monitoring, operating and feedback – either directly by the customer/user, or supported from our end.
This system works on the principle of real time monitoring and control of power of the load, through the embedded software. The online power factor (which is a cosine angle between the voltage and current phases) and the load voltage is very closely monitored as per the demands of the load, and the power factor and voltage is controlled/corrected in real time. The power factors never got closer to unity before.This product has found universal application(domestic, commercial, industrial and institutional), and payback periods have varied between as low as six months to a few years, depending on the nature of the load/s and the operating conditions. The predominant use of the embedded software eliminates many moving parts, resulting in almost zero maintenance costs/efforts and a long operating life (more than 15 years) which in turn ensures payback many times over



Is Easy

These Energy Savers are available in both, single phase and three phase versions. Single phase from 5 KVA to 10 KVA and the three phase versions from 25 KVA to >500 KVA in four different frame sizes

Model Capacity (KVA) Mains ON/OFF L X B X H in mm
TPPS -25 25 32A, MCB 650 X 400 X 800
TPPS -35 35 50A ,MCB 650 X 400 X 800
TPPS -45 45 63A, MCB 650 X 400 X 800
TPPS -60 60 80A, MCB 850 X500X1100
TPPS -75 75 100A, MCB 850 X500X1100
TPPS -90 90 125A, MCB 850 X500X1100
TPPS -110 110 150A, MCB 1000 X 600 X 1350
TPPS -150 150 200A, MCCB 1000 X 600 X 1350
TPPS -180 180 250A,MCCB 1000 X 600 X 1350
TPPS -225 225 315A,MCCB 1000 X 600 X 1350
TPPS -300 300 400A,MCCB 1200 X 700 X 1500
TPPS -450 450 630A,MCCB 1200 X 700 X 1500
TPPS -575 575 800A,MCCB 1200 X 700 X 1500
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